What’s It All About

In this, my first ever blog post, I shall answer all of life’s burning questions: What is our meaning, our purpose, our, well, what’s it all about, all answered right here, right now.

Hmm, well, on second thought, maybe I should hold some of that back, lest there be no need for a second or third blog post with which to unburden my wandering mind upon the world wide web.

Instead, let me narrow my focus (ahem) and reveal to the world exactly, once and for all, what the art of photography is all about. Be seated and prepare to have your mind expanded and/or blown. Photography is all about…….whatever the hell you – the photographer or viewer of photographs – want it to be about. Bam!

What's it all about? What does it mean? Whatever you want it to.

You see, I like walking about the streets of Washington DC, or Aberdeen, Scotland, or wherever I happen to be with my D300s and a 50mm f/1.4 lens looking for the gritty details of urban existence. I like subtly infusing my images with a sort of anarchist social commentary, an “we’re all doomed” ethos if you will. But here’s the thing: I also really like taking pictures of dogs, and kids, and flowers, and would gladly spend days – weeks even – shlepping around the Highlands making pretty landscape pictures.

It seems to me the pinnacle of credulity to assert that “only black and white photography is interesting,” or “street photography isn’t art,” or “fine art photography can only be done with large format film cameras,” to name but a few common refrains often uttered by those who take themselves way too seriously. Please, do yourself a favor and get over yourself before your first/next stroke.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a bit of wandering, shlepping, and baby shooting to get on with.

Okay, no shlepping was required, but I gladly would have.

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