South Africa, Chapter 1: Not The Trip Of A Lifetime

“Are you excited yet?”

Steph – my loving, adoring, beautiful wife – always asks me this question before our pending adventures. Like, way, way before. Sometimes even before we know the where, what or when, and have only agreed a vague notion that we should indeed go somewhere, do something, maybe some time in the next year or so. She asks in part because, well, she’s excited, and wants to share that. But she also asks (over and over and over) because she knows my inborn Stoic sensibilities preclude me from feeling excited about an event which may or may not occur (shit happens you know) in the distant future. And it annoys me.

Naturally I usually handle her premature inquiries in the most mature way possible, by making some crude sexual joke in reference to the word “excited”, thus ending all conversation for the near future. So there!

Ah, but here we are now only one week out from flight time – Aberdeen to London to Cape Town – and I’m finally starting to feel the first tingles of anticipation course through my mind and body. Let’s call it…..African anticipation!

But please, let’s not call it the trip of a lifetime.

Ooh, goody bags from the NHS.
But we got vaccinations (3 each), it must be THE TRIP OF A LIFETIME!

So what’s the rub bub? Well I figure, when you go slapping that trip of a lifetime label on an adventure what you’re basically saying is that it don’t, it doesn’t, it won’t, it can’t, get any better than this. That’s it my man, you have reached peak life experience.

Screw that!

I’m going into this trip expecting to experience amazing, fun, stimulating, exhausting, challenging and perhaps dangerous things, but I also expect to experience amazing, fun, stimulating, exhausting, challenging and perhaps dangerous things of an equal or greater measure on future adventures.

And so should you.

Do the work, cut your expenses, save, save, save, get in shape, read, browse and research and go. Then do it all again, until you can’t do it no more. It’s a simple formula, yet one that’s incredibly hard to master. I sure haven’t. But I’m gonna keep going anyway.

African Anticipation
Don’t worry, I’ll be taking a toothbrush too. No room in my bag for deodorant though.


I’ve just had a little jog down memory lane and done a bit of math, and it turns out that I’ve spent approximately 14% of my life (all as an adult I should say) outside of the country of my birth (TEAM AMERICA!). Perhaps on a related note, I’ve never purchased a TV.


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  1. When can we look forward to some highlights of the actual trip — or maybe your camera got swallowed by a crocodile or the airport luggage system … 🙂


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