2015 In 12 (+1)

The answer my friends is lunar cycles. But what's the question? Disconnected as we in the so called developed world are from such natural phenomena, the 12 months of a calendar year (see the question and answer above) do certainly provide a convenient way of compartmentalising and cataloguing our trips around the sun. That's especially... Continue Reading →

High Pressure Over The Highway: Scotland’s North Coast 500, Day 1

Aberdeen to Applecross Monday, 26th September, 2015 "That's it, I'm getting out to push. Look, we're slowing down those poor cyclists behind us." "Put your seatbelt back on right now Robert!" Getting the fancy-first-name treatment from Steph is a sure fire indication of seriousness, so I buckle back up and close the car door. I... Continue Reading →

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